Cutting For Bodybuilding: Simple Bodybuilding Tips For Cutting

Cutting For Bodybuilding: Simple Bodybuilding Tips For Cutting
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About Today’s Video:

@2:30 Hey Vince Del Monte, love what you are doing here. What kind of weight training program do you follow when cutting or for weight loss? Low volume or high volume? Rep ranges, splits, etc. Thanks!

@3:49 Hey Vince Delmonte. Thanks for all your assistance. I’m 31 currently cutting with aim of under 10% body fat, and I am at 14% body fat now. Diet is low carb and calories 5 days and high carb and calorie 2 days a week on mainly weight training days. Have been monitoring my fat loss results and body fat percent has been dropping approximately 1% each month. Is this average? Also, when in a caloric deficit of 10-30%, what happens to your muscle gain when you drop below say 40% deficit?

@5:56 I am 21 years old. My goal is to cut to 8% body fat. I lift 5 times a week. How can I throw in a cardio routine that will bring me to my cutting and fat loss goal without plateauing? I am currently at 16 percent body fat.

@7:23 Hey Vince Del Monte. I know this is the skinny guy savior, but I think this question might apply to men and women in the same situation. I’d like to drop 10% of my body fat (25% body fat now) and I was wondering where my diet should be as far as a cutting protocol with protein, carbs, and fat percentages. Do the numbers change if the amount of exercise I’m doing is very little? I do better building the healthy eating habits and when I have it down, making exercise a habit.

Train hard, train smarter, build faster.

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