BodyBuilder Diet – The CARB CONFUSION Principle

The Non BodyBuilder Diet:

Bodybuilders typically have a specific bland “bodybuilder diet” that they follow that allows them to get ripped and show off extreme muscle definition. The problem with this type of classic bodybuilder diet is that often times it is so restrictive that it winds up costing you hard earned muscle in the process, or the foods are just plain boring and taste awful.

Most of these bad traits of the typical bodybuilder diet falls squarely at the feet of carbohydrates. Some weightlifters will tell you to avoid carbohydrates like the plague (especially as you get close to competition time) while others will claim they are a “must”. Why all the carb confusion?

It comes down to practicality for me.

Follow a meal plan that doesn’t revolve around time consuming calorie counting or measuring and you have a meal plan fit for not only a bodybuilder but also a professional athlete with many other time constraints. That’s what the X-Factor muscle building meal plans are all about. They help you to strip away the fat, build muscle, and save the time that you would unnecessarily spend doing all of these calorie counting, food measuring time wasters.

For more information on the ATHLEAN-X Factor Muscle Building meal plans head over to and see for yourself how bodybuilders and avid athletes alike are turning to the most effective diet plans in the business. Correct that….non diet diet plans in the business.

Source: BodyBuilder Diet – The CARB CONFUSION Principle

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