5 Best Supplements to Build Muscle (FASTER)

These are the only 5 supplements that can help you build muscle faster. If you’re wondering, what supplements are best for gaining muscle, weight loss, or to get ripped this video will help. I go over how creatine, protein, hmb, and others can help men looking to gain mass. Muscle growth is about more than just supplementation, but supplementation can definitely help.

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Mass Gainers (Not Worth the $) 0:50
Testosterone Supplements 1:14
Branch Chain Amino Acids 1:39
HMB 2:02
Creatine 3:50
Pre-Workout Supplement 6:25
Protein Powder 7:22
Vitamin D 11:03

In the world of muscle building supplements, things can get very confusing very fast. Between having to sort through claims like site-specific muscle growth such as building more muscle specifically on your chest and arms. Or other claims in which testosterone boosters promise to be as effective as steroids without any of the side effects. It can become very difficult to sort out fact from fiction and to get the right supplements that have actually been scientifically proven to be effective. So today I want to help clarify what supplements are worth your hard-earned money. And just to Help U insure that I don’t have any kind of bias and that I’m not paid off by some supplement company I’m not going to promote any specific brand and you won’t find any affiliate links in this video meaning I’m not making any money from supplement companies for sharing this information. So there’s no incentive for me to not tell the truth. With that said let’s start with a couple supplements that aren’t going to be worth your money. Mass gainers are not going to be worth your money. There’s no doubt that they’ll provide you with a massive amount of calories, but most of these calories are going to be coming from sugar. So you really have to ask yourself what is it that you’re gaining? Muscle or body fat? You’re better off making your own mass gainer by taking protein powder, adding one or two tablespoons of peanut butter, a banana, oats and whole milk and blending it together. Another waste of time supplement is pretty much every testosterone supplement on the market. Even the best testosterone supplements are usually only going to raise your testosterone levels by 20 to 40% this is simply not high enough to notice any real changes in athletic performance. While there may be some ingredients in the testosterone booster that will help improve libido you shouldn’t expect any real muscle building benefits from such an increase. Next is branch chain amino acids or bcaa’s. You don’t need bcaa’s while bulking because you’ll most likely be getting all of your amino acids from the food you eat and especially if you also take a protein shake. An argument can be made for the effectiveness of bcaa’s during a cut, but while you’re in a calorie surplus trying to bulid muscle they’re not necessary. The same goes for


(1) “protein intakes at amounts greater than ~1.6 g/kg/day do not further contribute RET-induced gains in FFM”

(2) protein intake immediately after exercise may be more anabolic than when ingested at some later time.

(3) Ingestion of the plant-based proteins soy and wheat results in a lower muscle protein synthetic response when compared with several animal-based proteins

(4) Dairy proteins have a superior effect on muscle protein synthesis after exercise compared with Soy Protein

(5) Leucine is one of the most important amino acids for muscle growth:

(6) “Muscle strength increased” “to a significantly greater extent in the protein-supplemented (PRO) group” “a greater increase in type II muscle fiber size in the PRO group”

(7) creatine and HMB, have data supporting their use to augment lean mass and strength gains with resistance training. – see graph

(8) Athletes on creatine for a longer period of time (up to 3 months) have been shown to gain 2 to 6 1/2 pounds more lean mass

(9) hydrochloride and mesylate being 38 and 30 times more soluble

(10) Physiologic profiles of nonresponders appear to be different and may limit their ability to uptake Cr

(11) See attached graph
(12) See attached graph

(13) ISSN Stance on HMB:

(14) Meta analysis on hmb:

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