Bodybuilding = Fad diet? | Quitting My Bikini Prep

This past January I started working with a coach to start my first bodybuilding prep. At first I kept it a secret. This should have been my first clue that I wasn’t ready. I was so insecure with myself that I figured I would never be ready and would have to drop out. Well whatever you believe is what will happen.

As the weeks went by, my coach continued to drop my calories and add more cardio because the scale wasn’t moving. But rather than see this as a natural part of the process, I internalized it as me not being good enough. Until I reached my breaking point.

Last week after the Arnold, I gave my prep everything that I could give it. And when the scale still didn’t move, I lost it. The thing is, this is NORMAL on prep. So many girls who do bikini competitions have to either stop their preps when their bodies don’t respond, or have to take their exercising and diet to the “extreme” with multiple hours of cardio.

To some that’s dedication. But to others, that’s verging into the unhealthy. What would happen after my competition? Would I gain all the weight back? Would I fall face first into a giant tub of ice cream? Would I forget what healthy eating actually is?

I went back and forth about posting this video. This weekend I recorded some real raw feelings. But I think it’s important in case you’re thinking about competing and you find my video. Bodybuilding competitions will teach you amazing things about yourself. But if you aren’t 100% secure with yourself, wait until you’re ready. Spend a year or two really building a good base layer of muscle, increase your calories higher than you thought you could, and be prepared that if you gained ALL the weight back after your show that you won’t fall apart.

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Source: Bodybuilding = Fad diet? | Quitting My Bikini Prep

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