Ultimate Forearm Workout (HOLD ON OR ELSE!!)

Build your best forearms, biceps and triceps with the Ultimate Arms program

The ultimate forearm workout will test much more than just the strength of your forearms. If you want to build the best forearms possible you will need more than just forearm size and mass but equal contributions of stamina and endurance as well. In this 4 exercise forearm medley, you’ll be put to the test as only we can here at ATHLEAN-X. See how long you can last in each of these four forearm exercises and total up your time to get your score.

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Breaking down the challenge…

There are 4 parts to this ultimate forearm workout. The first is the dead arm or straight arm hang. This forearm exercise targets the intrinsic hand muscles (mainly the wrist flexors) as well as the strength in your fingers and forearms. There is a bit of shoulder stability that is going to be required as well if you are going to rack up the time that you remain off the ground and on the bar.

The next exercise is going to shift the focus of the attention away from the hands and more to the forearms and a bit to the upper arms. The flexed arm hang is a forearm workout staple of the military during the physical readiness exams. The goal here is to start with your chin above the bar without allowing it to rest on the bar at any time. You are allowed to continue counting your hang time as long as your arms are not fully straight. The second your arms become straight or you drop from the bar your time is up. The position of the elbows during this move places a heavy activity on the brachioradialis as well as a bit more focus on the biceps.

Next up is the chin up hold forearm and upper arm exercise. Of course, the act of gripping the bar is enough to challenge your forearms yet again. However, this time you are now having to maintain a ninety degree angle at your elbows which will dramatically increase the contribution of the biceps. See how long your arms can take the continued torture as you add to your total hold time in the challenge.

Finally, it’s time to trade in the static forearm exercises for a dynamic forearms exercise. The switch grip over/unders is a great forearm endurance exercise that caps off this workout. See how long you can keep your hands moving during this intense forearm workout finisher. The goal of this challenge is to see how much total time you can amount on the bar.

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Source: Ultimate Forearm Workout (HOLD ON OR ELSE!!)

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