Three “V-Taper” Back Workout Tips – How to Get Wide Lats

Wide Back – V Taper and more –

One of the most symbolic signs of strength and power is a wide v-taper back. Lats that start up high on your arms and go all the way down to your hips! That said, it’s easier talked about than achieved, unless you start incorporating the three tips in this back workout training video.

Using the standard lat pulldown exercise, I’m going to show you how varying your hand grip on the pulldown and lowering the weight you’re using can help you to not only get a bigger, wider back but to improve all the back exercises you’re doing in any back workout.

One of the most overlooked aspects of training your back and getting wider lats is that heavy weights are not always necessary for building muscle. In the case of the back, it’s critical that you lighten the weights on certain sets in order to maximize the contraction of the lats and complete the full range of motion.

Bigger, wider lats that show off that characteristic “v-taper” depend on training them right. No back workout is complete without addressing the points and techniques shown in this video and incorporating them into your back training.

When you’re finished seeing how you can improve the size and width of your back, be sure to head over to to see how you can start training your entire body more athletically. See how it’s possible to build ripped athletic lean muscle with one step by step workout program.

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Source: Three “V-Taper” Back Workout Tips – How to Get Wide Lats

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