The Best Home Back Exercise Ever! (MADE BETTER)

Build serious muscle at home without any equipment at all

The best home back exercise is actually a pretty clear choice, it is the pullup. That said, the pull up has one major limitation that prevents most who do it from getting the most out of it. Most people perform the pullup as part of their home back workout without ever considering how to properly load it.

Like any other back exercise, you want to make sure you perform the exercise by progressively overloading it. Always performing it with light loads (as is the case if you can perform 10, 15 or more reps) is not going to help you to get the most muscle building that you can from it.

In this video, I show you a way to increase the overload on the pullup to help you build a bigger back by working with much lower rep ranges. By attaching two resistance bands to a low anchor point behind you, this enables you to dramatically increase the resistance you apply to this back exercise. You can anchor your bands to the stair rails as I’ve shown, or to the legs of a couch or similar piece of furniture.

By anchoring the resistance bands low and behind you, you make your mid back have to contract to pull your body closer to the bar (away from the direction the bands are pulling you). From there, you have to overcome the force of the resistance pulling you down as well. This helps to create more overload for your lats and ultimately help you to build a bigger, more muscular back.

There are many other home back exercises that you can do to build a big back at home. That said, there really is no better bodyweight back exercise than the pullup, especially if you know how to load it. Progressive overload on this back exercise is just as important as it is on any other exercise you would perform in any home workout program.

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Source: The Best Home Back Exercise Ever! (MADE BETTER)

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