L.A.B. workout (Legs, Abs and Buttocks)

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The ultra-famous L.A.B. workout is effective training that powerfully works on legs, abs and buttocks, the three “hot” spots women love to keep toned and in shape, especially in the summer. Now you can work out wherever and whenever you want thanks to our App!
We have designed the workout into 3 mini-circuits that each focus on a specific area plus a “turbo mix” circuit with 3 exercises for the 3 different zones that are repeated twice.
For the type of exercises and workout format we chose, we recommend this circuit for those in intermediate/advanced shape. Toning up your legs, abs and buttocks with this specific workout means shaping and modelling all these muscles with intense activities. You’ll achieve excellent results for the three zones you’re most concerned about in just 26 minutes!

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Source: L.A.B. workout (Legs, Abs and Buttocks)

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