How to Get a Big Chest – 3 Skinny Guy Tips For Big Pecs

If you are of a naturally skinny build, chances are you know all about how hard it is to build up your pectorals. No matter how hard you may try, you never seem to get away from the “rib cage showing” pigeon-chested look that you hate so much. Scratching your head? Losing your mind wondering how to get a big chest to impress people?

When you are looking to build a big chest, remember that a skinny guy needs to do things in a slightly different way than a person who is naturally bulky. After all, your metabolisms are different, and you are genetically different too, in the manner in which you put on weight or muscles. So, there are some tricks that a skinny guy needs to keep in mind when exercising to get a big chest, things he has to do differently.

How To Get A Big Chest – Tip #1

For one thing, a skinny guy who wants to know how to get a big chest must focus on compound exercises. Don’t just concentrate on one group of muscles at a time, as most exercise regimens suggest! Try weight training or other workouts that work on more than one muscle group at once. In the case of trying to build up a big chest, don’t just work on the pectorals. Use bench press, push-ups, and other exercises which will not only build your chest muscles, but will give you a much better overall developed look.   That’s how to get a big chest.

How To Get A Big Chest – Tip #2

In the same spirit, mix up your workout; vary the routine as much as you can. It’s only common sense that the system gets used to something that becomes routine. Over time it stops having an effect. Once you fall into a groove, your muscles become used to the workout they are getting, and the regimen stops having the desired effect! Keep changing the drill, so that the system never has time to fall into the groove. Vary things around and watch your muscles grow! Change angles, incline the bench press, change grips, add or remove elements like yoga balls, just to keep things exciting and demanding!

How To Get A Big Chest – Tip #3

For the same reason, choose free weights more often than you use machines, although you shouldn’t eliminate them from your routine. Machines sometimes work your muscles in one particular way, one angle, one axis. This can limit the development of your chest or any other muscle, for that matter. When discovering how to get big pecs, you’ll find it is much better to use free weights which give you much more freedom, like barbells which force your muscles to hold and stabilize the entire weight. This also gives you a much larger range of options of movement, so that you can work on more muscles at a time.

How to Get a Big Chest – 3 Skinny Guy Tips For Big Pecs by John Wheeler

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