Home Forearm Exercises (RIPPED FOREARMS – WITH A CHAIR!)

Is your lack of equipment holding back your muscle gains? Not anymore.

Forearm exercises are traditionally done with either dumbbells or barbells in a gym. What happens if you work out at home though and don’t have access to any equipment at all? You still work your forearms and get them to grow, that’s what happens! In this video, I show you a few forearm exercises that you can do with nothing more than a standard folding chair.

Some people feel that they can get all of their forearm workouts done with just the extra work that they get from gripping dumbbells during their workouts. For some, this may be true. For lots of us however, that isn’t the case. If you want to build big, ripped, strong forearms you have to do some direct forearm work to get them to respond. That said, using traditional gym equipment to do that isn’t exactly necessary.

To work the extensors and backs of your forearms you want to stand over the chair from behind and grab onto either the back or the arms. If you aren’t quite strong enough, you will grab further forward on the chair as this will give you more of a strength and mechanical advantage when lifting. As your forearms get more ripped and stronger you will want to grab more towards the back of the chair to increase the difficulty of this home forearm exercise.

You will extend your wrists from a flexed to a neutral position to work the forearm extensors. Simply flip the chair over and hold onto the cross bar to repeat the home forearm workout, this time focusing on the forearm flexors.

You can definitely build ripped, strong forearms without the use of dumbbells, weights and bars. You just need a little creativity and a less of the excuses. These two home forearm exercises are just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible when you train at home. The ATHLEAN XERO home workout program allows you to build muscle in just 6 weeks using nothing but your own bodyweight. With no equipment at all, you can get your forearms, arms, legs, chest, shoulders and the rest of your body to be noticeably bigger.

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Source: Home Forearm Exercises (RIPPED FOREARMS – WITH A CHAIR!)

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