Forearm and Grip Strength FAST! – The “Bulletproof” FOREARM WORKOUT

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If you’re looking to improve your forearm and grip strength fast you have to be sure you’re using the right forearm workout. The problem is…most forearm workouts aren’t using the right exercises to get the job done.

Most forearm workouts revolve around the classic forearm exercises using tubing and dumbbells only and don’t consider the fact that a great deal of forearm strength and power comes from the involvement of grip and intrinsic hand strength. With the long finger flexors residing in the forearms…it’s important to strengthen these muscles for complete forearm development.

In this Bulletproof Forearm Workout you will see a creative way to integrate a pullup exercise and an inexpensive piece of equipment to build your forearms bigger than traditional exercises can deliver.

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Source: Forearm and Grip Strength FAST! – The “Bulletproof” FOREARM WORKOUT

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