Exercises To Strengthen The Muscles Needed To Play The Guitar

Many guitarists underestimate the effect exercising can have on their playing. I was one of them at the time. I disregarded it and nowadays I regret doing that because it helped my technique tremendously when I began doing it. If you start exercising regularly, you will see a huge improvement in your overall performance. Your stamina will be much higher and you will have more control over different techniques. I have compiled some exercises that improved my playing and I am sure they will improve your also, if you dedicate yourself to doing them regularly.

Exercise 1. Palms-Down Dumbbell Wrist Curls or any other forearm exercises

Forearm muscles are probably the most important muscles in guitar playing. You use them the most while you play so strengthening them must be your number one priority. Palms-down dumbbell wrist curls are fantastic when it comes to strengthening forearm muscles fast. Like with any exercises start slow and build up the sets as you improve.

Exercise 2. Push-Ups

Doing push-ups regularly really strengthens the important arm muscles you use when you play the guitar. Try to do at least twenty every day and you will see the improvement in your technique almost instantly.

Exercise 3. Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are great for strengthening biceps which you use a lot during playing. Beware of overdoing them because your muscles may be too tired to perform optimally. I recommend doing at least three sets of 6-8 reps every other day and using heavy weights. You will know that you have the right weights when you can do only a maximum of 8 reps with them. Please do not cheat with this because you will not see the benefit, if you do.

Exercise 4. Triceps Extension

Triceps are very important muscles in guitar playing. You use them very often so it is a good idea to keep them strong and healthy. Triceps extensions do just that. Pick a weight that is not too heavy. You do not want to hurt yourself if you have not done triceps extensions before. Do 1-2 sets of 10 reps each every other day. Move on to the heavier weights when your triceps get stronger.

Try to do these exercises slowly and with good form. Remember to concentrate on the muscles being trained and do not overtrain them. You will only hinder your progress on guitar, if you do. Rest when you feel like it and let your muscles recover properly. Also remember to be patient with this. I does take time and will power to build strong and healthy muscles.

Exercises To Strengthen The Muscles Needed To Play The Guitar by Allan Haapalainen

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