Easy Tricks That Build Calves Fast

And here’s how I got rid of my belly fat.

Hey y’all,

I’m Johnny here with insanehomefatloss. Today I’m going to tell you how to get great calves. This is going to help you build solid calves, whether you are an athlete or just want nice strong legs to show off… this video is for you.

Video Breakdown:

The entire workout consists of 10 reps per exercises for 4 rounds.

0:50 I want to get rid of some myths for you and the first one is genetics are not an excuse. They might play a roll for some people, but they aren’t a guarantee that you will never build calves.

1:21 Walking around on your toes is another myth that people think will build calves. Ya, there are people that already have natural calves, so they can get away with it… but for most of us, we have to put the work in.

1:55 This myth is the ridiculous one out there. Heavy weight and low reps isn’t the key. The most important thing to consider is using full range of motion and a full contraction.

2:42 Four Major Muscles you want to concentrate on when you work out your calves:

#1 The soleus muscle
#2 The gastrocnemius caput mediale
#3 The gastrocnemius caput laterale
#4 The tibialis anterior muscle

3:37 The keys to growing your calves:

#1 Working out each muscle in your calf
#2 Full range of motion
#3 Squeeze at the top and bottom

4:33 Now here is a basic workout you can do to build your calves:
Three Moves: outer calf raise, inner calf raise, and straight forward calf raise

4 sets/ 10 reps is about what you want to do for each movement.

I hope this video serves you well!

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