“COMPLETE” Back Workout (Width, Density, Strength!)

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A complete back workout needs a few elements in order to be called this. First of all, if you want to build a complete back you need to focus on building lat width or v-taper, lat thickness or density, and the often overlooked lower back endurance and strength. Many people tend to overlook the last component of this as it is not as impressive as the first two. That said, if you are one of them, you are likely holding back the kind of lats size and strength that you could be seeing from your hard back workouts. Let me explain.

The strength of your lumbar paraspinals is crucial if you want to develop a complete back. Your lats and rhomboids rely on the stability that your lower back muscles can provide you for the big lifts. Think about the deadlift, row, or the barbell dead row (as seen in this video) and realize just how important the stability of the lower back is to helping you lift a lot of weight on those moves not to mention stay healthy when performing them.

If your lower back is weak you will either break form and get injured or you won’t be able to create the stabile platform that your lats and upper back need to exert their strength. That said, in this back workout video, I show you a complete back workout routine that you can do to start building a seriously bigger, wider back.

I start by targeting the mid back with heavy lat pulldowns and barbell dead rows. These two exercises aim to increase the thickness and width of the v-taper in the lats. I perform 3-4 sets of each with a weight that allows me to get 8-10 solid but heavy reps in good form. Before moving onto the next zone however I finish up this one with a combination exercise that targets the all important low back muscle endurance. I do this with the static hyperextension with dumbbell Y lift.

Next I move onto the often times weaker upper back muscles. Here I hit them with the hi-boy rows and perpendicular landmine rows. These two exercises allow me to alter my bar path to allow my elbows to travel higher up on my chest. This allows me to work the upper back much more efficiently and overload once again with the same rep and loading scheme as before.

Once again I finish with a new version of the static hyperextension exercise. This time I row a pair of dumbbells for 12-15 reps while trying to keep the tension and strength in my lower back.

I finish with the angle of death back exercise. This complete back exercise is the perfect ending for the complete back workout. As you can see, it hits every part of my back and the rest of my posterior chain. I try to do as many reps as I can until failure.

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Source: “COMPLETE” Back Workout (Width, Density, Strength!)

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