Biceps Exercises – Harden and Sculpt Your Biceps With These Concentrated Exercises

The biceps are the most quickly noticed muscle group in the body. One will immediately be able to spot strong biceps in a man and it is widely regarded as a sex symbol coming in second only after the six pack abs. Also, gone are the days when the bulky bicep was fashionable. These days, men prefer to sport biceps that are sleek, angular and hard. The most preferred muscle definition when it comes to biceps is when the skin is very tight around the muscles and gives off the appearance as if it was shrink wrapped.

Below, you will find a few great biceps exercises that will allow you to start working towards that goal.

Bicep curls – These can be done with a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. It is advised that you start with manageable weights that will allow you to practice good form. Many people make the mistake of trying really heavy weights that will make them use their backs and shoulders, which is not ideal. Even if the weight is quite small, good form will often result in a great workout for the biceps. To do these biceps exercises, keep your feet about shoulder width apart. Curl your dumbbells or barbell in such a way that you bring them close to your chest using only your forearms. Your upper arm should remain still as you do these exercises. Avoid swaying or rocking back of forth as that will add momentum and make the exercise much easier than it is.

Concentration curls – As the name implies, these biceps exercises are great to really focus and concentrate on using the bicep muscles. Sit down or kneel and place the elbow of your hand on the inside of your thigh. Slowly bring up the dumbbell towards the shoulder by only moving your forearm. Concentrate on using your biceps. Once you have reached the shoulder, bring it back down to the starting position without fully straightening your arms as straightening will release tension on the bicep.

Hammer curls – These biceps exercises are very similar to the bicep curls mentioned above. The only difference is that your palms face each other instead of facing upwards when you carry out the curl. This exercise is intended to work both the biceps and forearms which complement each other very well.

If you are looking for muscle building and sculpting exercises other than the usual routines that will involve squats, dead lifts and bench presses, you should definitely check out the website below that will offer advanced technique to achieve hard, angular and sculpted muscles that are very strong and also look very sexy.

Biceps Exercises – Harden and Sculpt Your Biceps With These Concentrated Exercises by Rex Martin

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