Vegan Bodybuilding: The 4-Week Dream Body with Raw Vegan Diet and Bodybuilding (Raw Vegan Bodybuilding)

Vegan bodybuilding: is it actually possible? Can you really build real, lean muscle, while eating a raw vegan diet?

Conventional wisdom suggests that you can only build substantial muscle by consuming large amounts of meat. Diets will tell you to stop eating everything except for meat. Others will tell you that eating only grapefruits is the way to go.

Why is dieting so complicated? The author, John Williams, is a vegan bodybuilder who is committed to find the best diet for bodybuilding. His book strives to make vegan bodybuilding as uncomplicated as possible. If you don’t have time to carefully measure and record, down to the microgram, every piece of food you put in your body, if you want a simple, easy to follow plan for changing your life, this is the book for you.

Most diets and lifestyle plans out there are gimmicks. They are not designed to work, they are designed to keep you attached to the plan, so they can keep making money off of you. Losing weight and building muscle with these plans just doesn’t work. Vegan Bodybuilding Made Easy makes it possible to become a vegan athlete, simplifying your diet and simplifying your life. When we say it’s easy, we really mean it!

This book takes even the beginner bodybuilder and shows them how a vegan bodybuilding diet and fitness, and vegan weight loss can seriously improve their life. For advanced bodybuilders, it will take your training and lifestyle to a whole new level. Not only will it tell you how vegan bodybuilding is possible—because your body still needs all of the protein it can get—but also how you can quickly and easily transform your life and your body.

Vegan Bodybuilding Made Easy will help you:

• Get a better body in just four weeks, with minimum effort
• Transform your mind and your body
• Teach you which natural vegan supplements are best for bodybuilding
• Make a meal plan that will maximize muscle mass and nourish the entire body
• Teach you which workouts to use to improve your muscle mass
• Convert a typical vegan diet into a vegan bodybuilding diet
• Improve your diet for more energy..

As a BONUS, you will receive illustrated workouts and diet plans tailored to several different purposes, as well as five vegan recipes to get you started, and information from real vegan athletes—AND an FAQ.

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“This book contains a lot of very helpful information, not only for bodybuilding but also for maintaining a healthy vegan diet in general. The links and resources are actually useful, and it has some great recipes. I’ve actually downloaded the book to my phone to use as a quick reference guide (for the recipes and due to the level of detail about the importance of various vitamins, unrefined carbs, essential fatty acids, etc.). Recommended for any vegan who wants to work out and eat in healthy, effective ways.” – Ryan

“This book has been just what I have been looking for! Over the last few years, I have been searching for a realistic approach to vegan bodybuilding. Let’s face it, there isn’t a ton of information out there, and most of the stuff that is just isn’t that great. Nothing has worked for me at least. Sculpting the perfect body while remaining vegan just sounded impossible…up until I read this book.”
– Cobonoox

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Source: Vegan Bodybuilding: The 4-Week Dream Body with Raw Vegan Diet and Bodybuilding (Raw Vegan Bodybuilding)

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