10-Minute Full Body Workout Without the Gym

Life isn’t easy when you’re busy. Going to the gym is time-consuming, what with all that getting there, working out, and going back. So if you’re not keen on wasting your time on the road, I’ve got something for you: a 10-minute, full body workout without any equipment whatsoever. All you need is a mat to make you more comfy on the floor. Surely you have one?

You can do this workout every other day without any harm because it only uses your body weight and doesn’t strain you too much. Just don’t forget about a good old warm-up before you start! By the way, you can also add your own exercises and variations to this list, or just increase the number of reps for each of the ones. It will make the whole routine a bit longer, but it’ll bring you much more benefits later.

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Jumping jacks 0:29
Pendulum lunges 1:14
Pause squats 2:30
Mountain climber twist 3:17
Burpees 3:59
Blast-off push-ups 4:56
Diamond push-ups 6:18
Back extensions 7:17
Triceps dips 7:56

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– Jumping jacks are a great warm-up and a nice cardio exercise to get your blood pumping before strength training. If you don’t feel like going for a run, jumping jacks will do the trick just as well.
– Pendulum lunges are your basic lunges with a twist: you don’t just do them forward or backward, but both ways at once. When you do them like this, you engage your hips, thighs, and glutes from all sides, making it all the more effective.
– Pause squats is an upgrade to regular squats that add some static load to the dynamic one. Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes will burn and you’ll love it.
– Mountain climber twist will train your core, abs, and — to a lesser extent — your hips.
– What kind of workout it would be if there were no burpees? They’re fast and furious, engaging almost your entire body and adding that much-wanted cardio effect to the bunch.
– Where regular push-ups only train your shoulders, triceps, back, and chest, blast-off variation goes much further: it makes your whole body work! Add the abs, hips, and glutes to the muscles I just mentioned — it’s a real workout machine!
– In fact, push-ups are quite a versatile exercise if you know how to do them. Diamond push-ups, for example, engage your biceps much more than the regular one. Who needs dumbbells when you’ve got everything you need just under your feet?

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