Body Building Beginners Guide; Muscle Building for Beginners

Body building beginners are each inspired by their own unique personal motivations and desires. Muscle building beginners must especially ensure their own muscle building program is carefully tailored to their own particular requirements, goals and even genetic potential.

Bodybuilding is a complex process with several aspects to master if you are to reach your full potential.

The key to success is understanding these fundamental aspects and applying all of them harmoniously together. These fundamental aspects of bodybuilding for beginners focus specifically on training, diet, nutrition, and rest.

If you’re over 40 years or suffer from a medical condition, you’re advised to check with your doctor before starting a body building beginners program. Get a check up with your doctor first anyway, just to be on the safe side.

Dumbbell Workouts for Muscle Building Beginners Program

How to get started with your beginners body building program. You could sign up with a gym if you have the extra time and money, and have access to a gym locally. However, for many people the convenience and long term savings made in buying your own home gym equipment is much more preferrable.

As long as you have the room, and can be disciplined with your home muscle building workouts, just getting some free weights (like barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells) is highly recommended for body building beginners.

Planning and Committment

Before you start your body building beginners program, you must believe that you can maintain the will power and sense of purpose to stick with it. This has to be a long term commitment. Don’t just start out and work hard muscle building for six months, make great progress and then quit. Your discipline must also extend to your diet and nutrition. You’ll need to be able to stick to a proper muscle building diet for the best results.

Draft yourself a muscle building mission statement. This would describe your current physique, what you want to achieve in three months, six months, one year, and even after five years of body building. Set specific, realistic, positive goals. Do you want to focus on building muscle mass, burning fat, creating muscle definition, develop your abs, and so on. Write your goals down attached to a reasonable timescale, and stay focused on them.

Muscle building for beginners takes time and patience. Dedicate yourself to a consistent muscle building workout routine for at least three months before evaluating your progress. After three months of muscle building training, most body building beginners will see some noticeable improvement in size and definition. But continual, slow and steady gains are the ultimate goal.

Muscle Building Nutrition

A proper scientific body building diet is essential to maximize muscle gain. When you’re committed to regular muscle building workouts, in order to maximize weight gain and lean muscle mass development, you should follow a strict muscle building nutrition regime.

Proper diet and nutrition can take the credit for up to 70% of your body building success. A simple and sensible balance of macro-nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats is recommended. And don’t forget to ensure your body gets it’s micro-nutrients by proper vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplementation.

Rest and Recuperation for Body Building Beginners Program

The ‘Overload Principle’ describes how your muscles grow as a result of body building exercises. When you contract a muscle against resistance (ie. lift a weight), muscle fibres split lengthways under the strain.

After body building workouts, your muscles heal and grow when you rest by laying down new replacement fibres in greater amounts than were there before. In your muscle building workouts the overload on your muscles will be gradually increased over time, your muscles continuing to strengthen and grow.

Body building beginners must get plenty of sleep for your muscles to repair and grow to maximum effect, certainly no less than 7 hours a night. After muscle building workouts, exercised muscle breaks down its worn cells over 24 hours, then takes another 24-48 hours to build new, stronger replacements – that’s 3 days. For 3 days after that, muscle strength remains maximum then slowly declines.

Therefore, body building workouts with a specific muscle group should be performed every 3-6 days for the best results. Don’t train 7 days a week! Your muscles won’t be able to repair and grow properly under such strain.

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