BajheeraIRL – Beginner Chest/Push Day – Natural Bodybuilding

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Hey guys! 😀 Making great progress on our to-do list before the move, but definitely still getting in the Gym to get my Training done 🙂

Today was Chest Day for me and I decided to mix it up a little bit by working primarily with Hammer Strength and Cable Machines, great workout for beginners! 😀

Also decided to take a bit of video to show you what I did for the day and to give you some ideas of what you could try as well! 😀

So thanks so much for watching, really hope you enjoy this match, and be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!!! 😀 Keep up the good work team 🙂

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Source: BajheeraIRL – Beginner Chest/Push Day – Natural Bodybuilding

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