What is Halitosis

Halitosis is the medical term used to describe bad odors exhaled in breathing. Halitosis is estimated to be the third most frequent reason for seeking dental help, right after tooth decay and periodontal disease. In general, one should distinguish between halitosis and the so-called foeter ex ore. Foetor ex ore means bad breath originates in the mouth from i.e. periodontal disease, caries, leaking fillings & retained wisdom teeth. Halitosis means bad breath, the causes don’t always have to originate from the oral cavity but can also result from von throat/nose/ear disorders, lung diseases, intestinal diseases, and metabolic diseases. These systemic causes should be differentiated from foeter ex ore, which is solely caused by disorders in the oral cavity. This distinction is important, since a proper therapy has to be initiated for systemic diseases. Foeter ex ore may be caused by certain foods, poor oral hygiene, tobacco, periodontitis, a coated tongue, leaked fillings, fistulae, shifted wisdom teeth, pus filled tonsils and other oral mucosa diseases. Your doctor or dentist will determine specific treatment for foeter ex ore with help of a halimeter. Watch this video to learn more about foeter ex ore & Halitosis! http://www.checkdent.com

Source: What is Halitosis

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