Treating Halitosis and Bad Breath Cures

At the Center for Breath Treatment Dr. Anthony Dailley has been treating patients suffering from chronic halitosis for over 19 years and has treated over 15,000 patients during that time. Dr. Dailley’s approach is to first determine the causes of a person’s breath condition and to then direct treatment towards those specific causes that have been found. This treatment appraoch has allowed Dr. Dailley to have an extremely high success rate at his center. Halitosis is usually a result of imbalances to the oral bacteria and there are always multiple causes for this imbalance. Dr. Dailley will often use medications, specialized devices, and also modifications of patients’ oral hygiene habits to resolve a patient’s breath condition. It is not uncommon to see patients contributing to their own problems via their own attempts to resolve their breath problem. Dr. Dailley strongly recommends this course of treatment if you are serious about resolving a halitosis condition, and it is especially important for individuals who have had the problem for a long period of time as it allows him to develop an accurate diagnosis. Some common causative factors are dry mouth or xerostomia, gum disease, post-nasal drainage, and excessively long taste buds on the tongue. There are many other possible causes but these are some of the common ones. Although most of Dr. Dailley’s patients travel great distances (often times from outside of the country) to see him, not everyone has the ability to make that journey. For those that can’t physically see Dr. Dailley in his office he has developed some home treatment programs that have proven to be very helpful for many patients over the years. These treatment programs or kits do not have the ability to provide a patient diagnosis because a diagnosis can only be obtained by physically seeing the patient. Through an in depth free consultation over the phone we can often direct the patient towards the home treatment program that is most appropriate for their needs.

Source: Treating Halitosis and Bad Breath Cures

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