Amazing Breath Try Both Starter Kit

Note: Starter Kits contain accessories necessary in order to use Amazing Breath. You must purchase a Starter Kit before purchasing any Reorders.

Amazing Breath comes in two different formulas: Red Apple and Green Apple, and with the “Try Both” Starter Kit, people who are not sure which formula to order can try both. The “Try Both” Starter Kit includes a four week supply total, two weeks of Red Apple and two weeks of Green Apple. For for information on the individual formulas, search for them on Amazon and read their descriptions.

About Amazing Breath
Unlike other bad breath remedies that just temporarily mask odors, Amazing Breath eliminates bad breath at its source, anaerobic bacteria. When Amazing Breath’s patented Synergizer and Activator solutions are combined in the provided Measuring Cup, they release powerful oxidizing agents that first kill the odor-causing anaerobic bacteria, then cripple their ability to grow back, leaving you with fresh breath that lasts all day and all night. Regular use of Amazing Breath will help to keep your mouth clean, balanced, fresh and healthy 24/7. Amazing Breath’s unique formula is non-toxic, alcohol free and does not dry out the mouth. Using Amazing Breath is fast and easy so its simple to make it part of your daily routine and get on with your life, being confident that your breath is always fresh. Get rid of bad breath 24 hours a day with this revolutionary bad breath product!Unique and patented formula cures bad breath 100% when used daily
Helps promote healthy teeth and gums by reducing levels of harmful bacteria
Non toxic, alcohol-free formula does not dry out mouth
Tastes great, no bad aftertaste
Gain the confidence that comes with clean, fresh breath

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