Bad Breath – Treatment by Nutrition! How to Stop Bad Breath, and prevent it with Nutrition Permanently.

This story is the life experience of Sung Lee, inventor of Ultimate Gum Solution who has worked for the past 14 years to find a natural solution for gum disease. Before starting his journey Sung Lee spent over $25,000 with two major gum surgeries and partials in his mouth. Even after major gum surgery, Lee’s gum disease continued unabated.
In the words of Sung Lee: I used to visit the dentist office every three months for my gum treatment paying $200 to $300 each time.
My life was miserable with these gum problems for more than 50 years.
I was determined to find my own solution no matter what price. It took 7 years to find the ultimate gum solution. Then took 14 years of testing and experimentation to reach a satisfied level with a 100% success rate for myself and 99% success rate for my customers worldwide.
Today my wife and I have not needed to go to a dentist in 14 years. We haven’t spent a penny on dental bills since developing Ultimate Gum Solution.
Background of Ultimate Gum Solution.
During my struggle for the solution to my own gum infection problems, I found the research of Dr. Weston Price DDS and Dr. Meinig, DDS. I consider the day I found them online was the luckiest day of my whole life. It took 3 years to study Dr. Price’s research. I came to the conclusion that a nutritional solution was the answer for my gum problems. I then tested my ultimate gum solution on myself for 3 years.
After 70 Years Amazing Secret of Dr. Weston Price D.D.S. Research Info Became Factual Proof through the research and testing of Sung Lee, Inventor of Ultimate Gum Solution.
After 14 Years Test & Experimenting With a 100% success Rate, Mr. Lee is ready to Share Ultimate Gum Solution FREE to The World through This Amazing 3 Easy Step Formula to Treat Your Gum Disease.
Dr.Weston Price, D.D.S. who was called the Charles Darwin of Nutrition in America concluded “The cause of dental decay is Nutritional Deficiencies”. Dr. Weston Price D.D.S. with 60 other leading medical doctors and Dentists (Including famous doctors: Charles Mayo, Ludvig Hektoen, Frank Billings, Milton Rosenau, William Welch, Thomas Forsyth, Truman Brophy, Victor C. Vaughn, Frank Lillie ) endorsed Dr. Price’s Research breakthrough conclusive scientific findings. These documents were published in 1174 pages in two volumes in 1923. His research program was conducted under the auspices of the American Dental Association and its research institute. The main findings were the groundbreaking discovery “Focal Infection and Physical Degeneration by Nutritional Deficiencies and The Cause of Dental Decay is Nutritional Deficiencies” Root Canal Cover-Up by Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S.
Dr. George Meinig DDS the meticulous research specialist who focused extensively on Dr. Price’s research. I was lucky to know Dr. Meinig personally in California. I consulted with Dr. Meinig for the creation of Ultimate Gum Solution.
Dr. NerAzaula, DDS. general dentistry at California did clinical test on ultimate gum solution. The results were 99% positive when used on 32 of his patients.
Mike was so impressed by the results; he decided to help me refine the Ultimate Gum Solution™ formula.
“I have had bleeding gums for over 30 years. Time and time again I have tried both professionally and personally to stop this problem. Three nights ago I tried your product, the Ultimate Gum Solution™. It stopped the bleeding on the second Night! And it’s completely healed! This is the best thing I have ever used and I have used dozens over the years. Thank you so much!”
Mike Phillips, CEO of Monastery of Herbs, monasteryofherb.
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Visit and search ultimate gum solution invented by Sung Lee. Ultimate gum solution was invented based on Dr. Weston Price, DDS. And Dr. George Meinig, DDS. Resear

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Source: Bad Breath – Treatment by Nutrition! How to Stop Bad Breath, and prevent it with Nutrition Permanently.

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