Most People Have An Antioxidant Deficiency. Do You?

How antioxidants work, why you need them, how to reach your daily recommended intake.
Links and Sources:
Antioxidant content of 3,100+ foods: @micthevegan

Study Associate with 3,100 foods list:

“Oxidative stress is implicated in virtually every known disease.”

“Mother of many diseases”

Smoking and oxidative stress study:

Photoaging Study:

WHO Page with Heme Iron as Reason for Red Meat-Cancer:

Heme Iron and Cancer Meta Analysis:

Heterocyclic Amines Study:

Glycotoxins Study:

Pilots, antioxidants, and radiation study:

Watercress, oxidative stress, and exercise study:

Original video on watercress:

Antioxidant requirement vs. calories chart ctudy:

Raw Vegan Antioxidant Status study:

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