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Most of us already know the importance of antioxidants in our lives, and their direct effect on our health, specially the prevention of aging and devastating diseases such as cancer and alzheimer .
We eat fruits and vegetable everyday and yet we don’t know whether we’re getting enough antioxidants or not.
The Shocking truth is that a recent study in US showed that close to 80 percent of americans are below the antioxidant usage recommended line. In fact more than 40 percent of americans are in the low (dangerous) category.
But what to eat to get the most antioxidants?
Have you ever heard about farm fruits or unprocessed foods?
Studies showed that old fashion farm grown fruits and vegetables contain higher amounts of antioxidants than their commercially produced counterparts.
A fresh dirty lemon grown in the corner of your backyard may contain higher antioxidants that a shinny lemon you just pick up on your way at a grocery store.
We put together a list of foods or fruits that contains highest amounts of antioxidants.
Prunes are high in antioxidants. They are considered a cancer protector and a good source of vitamins. prune helps to lower cholesterol and may also improve bone health.
Raspberry is loaded with antioxidants. Raspberry can help you lose weight and is very beneficial to maintaining cardiovascular health.
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