Yacedrah's Weight Loss Journey | Bariatric Surgery at Beaumont

Hear Yacedrah’s story on how she lost over 140 pounds from bariatric surgery at Beaumont. Learn more at https://www.beaumont.org/weight, or call 888-899-4600.

Perhaps you’ve been working on a diet that hasn’t quite helped you achieve your goals, and now you’re thinking about surgery for weight loss. At Beaumont, we will be with you every step of the way, incorporating a multidisciplinary team approach, where you are the most important member. Our team of medical experts includes physicians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, and dietitians. Each of them will work with you before the operation, making sure you’re medically, physically, and psychologically ready for surgery.

Bariatric surgery helps to improve or resolve more than 40 different obesity related diseases and conditions. 95% of patients who’ve had bariatric surgery at Beaumont say the quality of their lives significantly improved.

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