Weight-Loss Journey | Self Discipline.

The Torres Sisters – Self Discipline…

While everyone seems to think that this thing we call “self discipline” is the answer to weight loss success, if it were as simple as self discipline wouldn’t we all be in great shape? or make a lot of money? or do many of the great things in life that just require “self discipline”. So maybe self discipline isn’t actually the missing factor in a weight loss journey. Tune in this week as we sit down one on one with Tiffany and ask some tough life questions that might be holding her back, and you as well.

I’m super excited about this weeks’ content because this is really where most transformation stories stop. This is where people lose motivation and actually go backward. I honestly hate reading comments about not working with Torres Sisters anymore because this is where I, as a coach, am most important.

There’s something we refer to as “the bigger picture” and often times we, ourselves, don’t acknowledge this. Its like trying to build a house with no clear vision of what your house looks like. So the steps to building the house are the self discipline, but how do you stay motivated and muster up self discipline when you, yourself, can’t even vision what that final house looks like?

Hope you all enjoy this weeks deep dive with Tiffany and also the three key things to start journaling daily to help achieve those goals or “houses” as I like to say.

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