The Effects of Constipation – How it Leads to Body Fat

We’ve always heard from our doctor that we must defecate daily to remove excess toxins and waste from our body. If this doesn’t happen and we have trouble eliminating excess waste, then we have constipation. But what are its effects and how does it lead to body fat? Is there a relationship between constipation and body fat? If yes, what are they?

First let us define what constipation is. It is the condition when a person has a difficulty expelling feces from the body. This is because the feces lacks softness which is present in its normal form and as such may make defecation painful in most cases. Why does this happen? This is because the colon absorbs too much water from the food passing through the intestines and hence results in the formation of hard feces. This then leads to the formation of fat since the body can not properly eliminate wastes and toxins.

What are the effects of constipation? Aside from the usual hard and dark feces here are some other effects:

1. Bloating, nausea, constant headaches

2. Lack or loss of appetite

3. Bad breath and skin eruption or pimples

This results from an eating over-refined fat-laden foods which is does not help in regular bowel. When we eat these foods, our body converts this to energy and stores it in the form of fat. It is then recommended that we eat fiber-rich foods to prevent constipation and prevent the accumulation of fat. Fiber-rich foods are easier to digest and eliminated. When the body can digest and eliminate food properly, then it also goes that body fat build-up is minimized. Of course, adding exercise to your daily routine can also help a lot.

The Effects of Constipation – How it Leads to Body Fat by Manuel McDaniels

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