Smart Tips – Carb Blockers by JJ Virgin

Nutrition & Fitness Expert JJ Virgin of shares a smart tip about the benefit of using carb blockers.

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So you wanna eat your carbs and lose weight too? Today’s smart tip is basically a little bit of magic! I’m going to show you how I managed to go to Italy, eat pasta and pizza, and lose weight — and yes, you heard me right! Now, people say, oh well you walked everywhere! Well I exercise every single day — if anything, I couldn’t find a gym in Italy, so if anything I exercised less. What I did was I brought my secret weapon — I brought something called Phase 2. It’s an extract made from white kidney bean. Unfortunately, you can’t just eat loads of white kidney bean, that won’t work, and I think you’d get lots of gas. You need to use this extract, and what the extract does is it blocks amylase enzyme — that’s when you first start to eat carbs, the first thing that starts breaking them down into sugar in your mouth. It blocks that, so that you can eat your carbs without having the negative effects of higher blood sugar, higher insulin and fat storing. Works like a charm! Now I’m still going to tell you, make sure the carbs you do eat are higher in fiber, lower on the glycemic index, but hey, every once in a while you just need a piece of pizza. And when you do, be sure you’re taking your Phase 2! I’m JJ Virgin of and thanks for listening to my smart tip!

Source: Smart Tips – Carb Blockers by JJ Virgin

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