ProbioSlim – The Probiotic Supplement That Helps You Lose Weight – 60 Capsules

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Burn fat and improve digestion with ProbioSlim – the probiotic supplement that helps you lose weight! ProbioSlim is unlike any other probiotic. This revolutionary probiotic contains LactoSpore, a probiotic strain resilient enough to withstand the harsh environment of the stomach and pass through to your intestine. Once in the colon, the LactoSpore multiplied and works with prebiotic fruit extracts to promote the growth of bacteria to help ease constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. With ProbioSlim, you can finally improve your digestive health to give you comfort and peace of mind. ProbioSlim also includes a blend of efficacious ingredients that enhance fat oxidation and increase thermogenesis. Natural EGCG from green tea extract starts working to ignite fat burning and weight loss. In simpler terms, ProbioSlim helps you burn more calories and fat. Never before has this unique combination of digestive support and weight management been attempted in a single, premium-quality supplement. The Ingredients: LactoSpore – This resillient probiotic strain utilizes a spore that protects itself from the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach so it can safely reach your colon. Probiotics promote healthy digestion, help relieve gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea, and can even promote clearer skin by helping to balance the body’s pH. Green Tea Leaf Extract – The naturally occuring compound, EGCG, helps increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation to help burn more calories. Caffeine provides energy so you can support your weight loss goals with exercise. It also helps control appetite as part of a reduced calorie diet. Fruit Extracts – Kiwi, fig and papaya extracts work as prebiotics, providing energy and vital nourishment to the probiotics produced by LactoSpore.ProbioSlim is the probiotic supplement that helps you lose weight

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Source: ProbioSlim – The Probiotic Supplement That Helps You Lose Weight – 60 Capsules

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