Phentermine Weight Loss Journey – 1 Week Update | Tonia Kay

The time has come for me to try out a new round of weight loss products. This time I decided not to go with any TLC products or any other “gimmicky” weight loss products. At this point in my weight loss journey, I am more focused on reaching my goals than testing out a new trendy weight loss product. So no more tea that makes you run to the bathroom & no more putting drops underneath my tongue in an attempt to lose weight lol. This time around I did my googles and found a reputable doctor in my area to help me along this weight loss journey. My doctor gave me phentermine, hcg injections, and B12 injections. I’m excited to kick off this phase of my weight loss journey because I know that the combination of Phentermine, HCG, and B12 have produced excellent results in past (based on research) Even with these medical weight loss products, I still have to do my part and continue to work out & eat clean. I have high hopes for these products since they were prescribed by a doctor. I look forward to taking you guys on this phase of my weight loss journey.

I made it through my first week on phentermine for weight loss and the results are in! I am still struggling with a few side effects but it’s nothing too crazy. I love the fact that it has only been on week and I’ve already seen results! I’m really looking forward to my 1 month update 🙂 Make sure you’re subscribed so you can stay updated on my phentermine weight loss journey

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