My Weight Loss Journey + Why I Started This Channel

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Welcome to my channel! I’m Lacey, and I want to help you discover your own personal strength. Whether it’s to lose weight or just eat better, I’m here to help inspire you and your family live a healthier lifestyle.

For most of my life, I struggled with my weight, my confidence, and my self image. Several times in my life, including after having each of my FOUR kiddos, I have weighed over 200 pounds and I felt pretty lost with how to ever really get into shape and keep the weight off.

In the beginning, I found ways to lose the weight, using all the diets and fads I could find, like pretty much starving myself with limiting my calorie intake to just about 1000 calories a day to exclusively eating cabbage soup for every meal to killing myself with hours of cardio at the gym to burn every single possible calorie.

I thought I was totally doing all the “right things,” but I still had so much to learn about my potential and how much more I was capable of.

Over time and after LOTS of disappointment, anxiety, hunger, and overall weakness, I learned a MUCH better way to take control of my body — to feed it what it needs, to enjoy the food I eat without any guilt, and to overall discover my own strength, and I want to help you do the same because I know you have it in you — and I think you know it, too.

If this sounds like you or if you’ve struggled with your own confidence and self image because of your weight, let me show you how to live a healthier, happier, and WAY more confident lifestyle, starting with how you approach your food.

On my channel, you’ll find playlists FULL of healthy meal prep recipes and healthy living inspiration with down to earth, super tasty meals that you’ll love to grab from the fridge, plus helpful info on healthy living, and my best tips and strategies for weight loss.

So hit that subscribe button to become part of our community, and I’ll see YOU in the next video!

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