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Losing weight is not a task, it’s a life long journey towards better health.

A few years back, I used to be overweight. During my college days, I was almost around 80 kgs. Due to which I faced quite a few health problems and I was constantly bullied by the people around me. But, I literally neglected all of that and didn’t want to change at all until one day when I fell sick. And the reason for my health issues was, of course, my bad lifestyle. That was the time when I realised that this is it. I want to lose weight and get healthy.

I lost 30 kgs of weight in approx 3 years. But this journey was not easy. I read hundreds of articles and tried several diets but nothing worked. Then I dug a little deeper and tried to understand how our body works. Instead of starving myself and looking out for quick hacks – I gave myself some time and adopted a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Yes, it took time but my weight never bounced back. Watch the full video to know how I lost this much weight.

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