My Journey to 100lbs of Weight Loss: 50lbs Loss in Only 3 Months

This is my journey to losing 100 pounds. In this video I will actually take you on the journey with me by showing you exactly what I did to lose the first 50 pounds in about 3.5 months.

This is only the beginning. I will continue to document my weight loss and share it with you. Be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to stay up to date with the latest videos..

i also would like to extend an invitation to you to join me on the journey to 100. That doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily lose 100 pounds but what it means is that you want to be come 100% a healthier you.

Thanks for watching!

Here’s a little more info….

Start date: March 13, 2019
Max Weight 297.8
Final Weigh-in date (in video): July 3, 2019
Final Weigh in (in video): 247.2
Total pounds lost: 50.6
Goal:197.8 lbs


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