My 75lb+ Weight Loss Transformation | Tips and Tricks

This is a video I have wanted to make for a very long time, and I still can’t believe this is finally being uploaded. This is my weight loss (and I guess weight gain) transformation journey from 260lbs to 183lbs (a total of 77lbs loss) from March 2020 to September 2020 (My Covid-19 Quarantine Weight Loss Transformation).

Losing over 75lbs in under six months wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require dedication and consistency to get results. So in this video, I really wanted to go in depth on how I was able to pull it off, so that you can finally lose the body fat that you have been wanting to shred off for some time now.

My main tips that I talk about in this video are:
1. Be in a calorie deficit.
2. Don’t give up your favorite foods.
3. Do cardio and/or weight lifting every single day.
4. Fasting shreds fat fast.
5. Drink a gallon of water every single day.
6. Cut out alcohol.
7. Write down your “why”.


Shoutout to my boy Justin for helping me with the shooting of the montage!
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Remington James is the best content creator on Youtube:

Be sure to comment below if you have any questions, and link your transformation video when you have reached that part of your journey!

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