My 21 Kgs Weight Loss Journey against Diabetes by Dr. Rakesh| Truweight

Here is the weight loss journey of Dr. Rakesh who overcame Diabetes by eating healthier food. Truweight planned a thorough diet with the help of their professional dietitian. Dr. Rakesh feels more satiated with the nutritious Superfoods that he consumes every day.

A holistic diet plan to lose weight without starving yourself is the correct approach to a healthy lifestyle. This mantra is where Dr. Rakesh got his motivation for weight loss from, and ultimately lost 21 kgs! This video showcases how he has not just lost weight, but also found a sustainable way of continuing a healthy diet. He can feel the change in his body caused by incorporating Superfoods in his meals.

Witness the weight loss transformation of Dr. Rakesh and start thinking towards a healthier way. The extreme weight loss aided in bringing down the lethargy and excess weight without having to starve himself.

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