Low Glycemic Vegetables & Fruits – List of Food Sources With the Lowest Glycemic Value

The Glycemic index is a very useful indicator of foods that are healthier for our body. Low Glycemic Vegetables & Fruits can do wonders for any diet program whether it is aimed at weight loss or detoxification.

These foods especially fruits and vegetables are very fibrous, and require a long time to digest, thereby ensuring a steady supply of glucose to the blood supply rather than sudden spurts in the blood sugar levels. A List of Food Sources with the Lowest Glycemic Value is provided here so that you can truly benefit from this list:

Low Glycemic Vegetables:

All vegetables that are high in fiber have a low Glycemic index. They are not digested quickly, due to high fiber content, and are healthier compared to foods with a high G.I.

o Zucchini

o Pumpkin

o Water gourd

o Watercress

o Broccoli

o Turnips

o Radish

o Carrots

o Spinach

o Bell peppers

o Lettuce

o Cabbage

o Parsley

o Cauliflower

o Cucumber

o Mushrooms

o Yellow summer squash

o Avocados

o Brussels sprouts

Low Glycemic Fruits:

o Watermelons

o Musk melons

o Green coconut

o Tomatoes

o Berries

o Guavas

o Pears

o Apples

o Oranges

o figs

o Lime

o lemon

o Pineapples

o Kiwi.

Other foods such as whole grains, nuts, and lean meats are also useful in achieving a low Glycemic index count for your diet. This will also ensure a good supply of nutrients and fiber to your body, both if which are necessary for keeping fit healthy and energetic. Fruits and vegetables are also very rich in anti oxidants which will ensure that your body’s immune system runs better and wear and tear is repaired regularly. It is a healthy way to beat the odds of a high carb, high Glycemic index diet.

Low Glycemic Vegetables & Fruits – List of Food Sources With the Lowest Glycemic Value by Anna Holman

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