Kimberly's Weight Loss Journey | Medical Weight Loss at Beaumont

Hear Kimberly’s story on how she lost more than 170 pounds with Beaumont’s Weight Control Center. Learn more at or call 888-899-4600.

At Beaumont, you become more than a part of a medical weight loss program. You enlist an entire team of medical professionals that help you lose weight and keep it off. Established in 1983, Beaumont’s Weight Control Center has a multidisciplinary approach that encourages a healthy diet, physical activity, and lifestyle changes. Beaumont focuses on the patient’s overall health to determine their best weight loss plan. In order to set up a safe and individualized treatment plan for you, a Beaumont physician, a nurse practitioner, or physician assistant will complete a medical evaluation before you get started.

Thanks to the Beaumont Weight Control Center, many patients are able to lose 47 pounds in 20 weeks on average.

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