Just Starting a WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY in 2020 | Lots of Pictures | Motivation | Mindset| WEIGHT LOSS

This video describes in detail my experience of starting a weight loss journey in 2020 from Day 1! Starting and maintaining a weight loss journey is no joke! It requires dedication, commitment, consistency, and mental strength! I am sharing my story to let you know THAT YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT START OFF WITH ALL THE MENTAL NECESSITIES! You won’t believe how long it took to me to become motivated and get my mind right! I wanted to share my journey after I actually started so that I could give weight loss tips that ACTUALLY WORK, but also before I reached my overall weight loss and fitness goals so that my viewers can see the REAL PROCESS AND PROGRESS! I want you guys to watch me reach my goals and JOIN ME so that you reach your goal as well!

My fitness journey series will be loaded with before and after pics as well as videos recorded while working out, so that you guys can see and feel confident that this is the real deal!

I encourage you to find someone you can relate to and are inspired and encouraged by! That is the best way to help jump start your journey!

Hope this video is helpful! The next video will discuss the lifestyle changes that you will need to commit to before starting your journey, so be sure to check it out!

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