Jolanie’s Hoodia Weight Loss Story “On The Only 100% Authentic Hoodia Gordonii”

Hoodia weight loss is definitely show in Jolanie’s story in this video. A couple of weeks ago I did this interview with my good friend Jolanie, who has been into a Raw Foods Lifestyle for almost a decade now. It’s the ultimate hoodia review.

Before she embarked on this path, she was overweight at 190 pounds, was completely unbalanced emotionally, and didn’t have any vigor in her life. Surprisingly, when I asked her, “what got you over the hump to successfully transition into a healthier dietary lifestyle?”, she told me about this product called Hoodia Gordonii.

In this video interview below, Jolanie reveals how Hoodia gave her more energy, took her cravings away, helped her deal with the emotional issues, and helped suppress her appetite. At the end of this interview I asked if she had any that I could try and I took some. After taking three caps of this all-natural plant, I had a huge energy boost. I was on fire for hours and I got so much work done that I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t like a caffeine high that brings you down later. It was like a burst of ‘zest for life’ energy without any unhealthy stimulation whatsoever.

I grabbed the bottle of Hoodia and contacted the company. The actual growers of the Hoodia actually created this particular Hoodia supplement themselves.

Many of you probably remember the Hoodia scam that took place many years ago. Hoodia came out on to the market as an appetite suppressant weight loss product. It became a multimillion dollar industry. The industry collapsed when greedy companies and wholesalers diluted their hoodia products to the point where there were no active Hoodia ingredients within their products. This is no hoodia green tea patch, hoodia spray 2 oz, hoodia patch, hoodia gordonii 60 caps, hoodie allen.

The actual growers of the Hoodia Fedex’d me hundreds of tests on all of the Hoodia products on the market. 95% of these Hoodia products had zero active ingredients. There were a couple of reputable companies in these tests that did have active ingredients, but it was only a small fraction of what was contained in the Hoodia product that I sampled. There was only one company that I saw, which had about 40% of the amount of active ingredients as in this Hoodia product. Another reputable company had about 5%, and unfortunately, the majority was at 0%.

I feel that 100% Authentic Hoodia could be an ideal product to help a person transition into a healthier lifestyle, whether they are aiming for a 100% Raw Foods Diet, a Whole Foods Diet, or even if they are simply just trying to eat better.

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