HOW I LOST 30 LBS – Chit Chat on My Weight Loss Journey

Hey Babes! A lot of you requested this video & I’ve been dying to share my weight loss journey with you guys. I share what motivated me, how I started, what I learned, and more. If you guys are on this journey too I’m so proud of you! If you want to start your journey just remember to take it slowly as I learned many times that there are no quick fixes with weight loss. Be proud of any progress you’ve made whether it’s big or small, even if it’s just making the decision to change. I hope you guys enjoy!

Share your photos progress photos with me! XO

Glasses I’m wearing – *Get 15% off your first order

My Water Bottle –
I drink 2 and sometimes 3 per day – 3 – 4.5 L

App I used to calculate my meals – My Fitness Pal *Do not use this to calculate how many calories to eat in a day

Calculator I used to calculate my TDEE –

Kitchen scale to weigh my food –

Weight, Fat, Water, & Muscle scale I use – *I love how accurate it is


Bag I carry with all my essentials –

Gym bag –

Jump rope –

Resistance bands –


Bomber jacket I use for gym –

Black hoodie

Gym leggings –


Thinner, Leaner, Stronger by Michael Matthews –

Fit to Fat and Back –

What The Health? –

The Truth About Your Food –




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