Goodbye Love Handles: Your Guide to Fat Loss

There are many looking for an effective way of losing weight, but sadly they are not following the necessary steps in order to make the transition from flab to fab. If you have tried various dieting gimmicks, ineffective exercise routines, or weight loss videos and supplements and have not gotten the lasting weight loss results you are looking for, read on to find out how you can turn your “flab” into “fab.”

The first thing to understand about weight loss is that there should be more of a focus on losing “fat” as opposed to losing “weight.” There is a certain amount of body fat that is considered to be essential for proper nutrition, and the rest of this body fat is considered to be storage fat. For women, 10-12% of the body’s fat is essential, while the remaining is storage fat. This does not mean however that you should only have 10-12% body fat. This is only the bare minimum percentage needed for survival and proper nutrition. 25-31% body fat for women is considered acceptable, while 32% and above is considered to be excessive. For men, 2-4% body fat is essential, while 18-25% is acceptable. 25% body fat and above for men is considered to be obese. Understanding your body’s fat percentage is important when considering your weight loss goals in order to ensure proper nutrition, and that realistic goals are being set.

Now that we understand the importance of fat loss, I want to discuss different methods of putting fat loss into action. The first method that has proved to be effective is incorporating some form of cardio into your your workout routine. This should be done ideally 3-4 days per week for 20-30 minuets each day. Running, jogging, cycling, tennis, basketball, and other outdoor sports and recreational activities are all great ways to get a cardio workout.

Calorie counting is another essential practice to put into place if you are serious about trying to shed some of that extra body fat. For example, if you intake 1,885 calories per day in order to maintain your current body weight, and you want to lose 1pound per week, you will cut your daily calories back to 1,385. This is a decrease of 500 calories per day, and 3,500 calories per week. Since 1pound is equal to 3,500 calories, you will average losing 1 pound per week.

Nutrition is the last factor to take into consideration for fat loss. Proper nutrition is the deal breaker when your weight loss is concerned, because it is very possible to waste a lot of time exercising and trying to burn calories just to gain them all back and more when you eat. Foods that are high in fats and sugars need to be eaten at a minimum and replaced with foods high in protein and fiber. If you are addicted to foods that are high in sugar, try eating fruits instead of candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. Drink water instead of sodas and juice, and if you are disgusted by water try flavored water that contains zero calories and sugars.

Make every effort to exercise 4-5 days per week for at least 1 hour per day. Don’t forget to add cardio 3-4 days 20-30 minuets each day (this can be done directly after your regular workout routine), add proper nutrition to your diet, and keep track of your calories. In no time, you will be burning that excess fat and on your way to a new fab body.

Goodbye Love Handles: Your Guide to Fat Loss by Candace Arthur

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