Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Weight

It has been repeatedly shown that the best fat burning exercises to lose weight are relatively more important than food intake in regulating body fat. But only the right kind of exercise to lose stomach fat are effective for burning fat.

Mainstream opinion is loads of aerobics. But intensive cardiovascular exercises that raise your heart rate above 120 beats a minute tend to strip off muscle as well as body fat.

Remember, muscle is the engine that burns off your body fat. So, with high impact aerobics, you may actually be reducing your ability to burn fat!

Between the ages of 20 and 80 the average man loses a quarter of his total muscle mass. This muscle wastage has a major impact on our ability to control body fat and also seriously compromises our immune system and health.

Best Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Weight

Do wide variety, high repetition resistance training using weights or machines.

Multiple studies show that resistance or weight bearing exercise is far and away the best fat burning exercises to lose weight or stomach fat.

Not only does this maintain your muscles, but it increases your muscle mass – you get a bigger fat burning engine to burn off that stomach fat, along with many other benefits to your health.

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