Burn Fat with CLA


If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you will want to learn about this powerful compound!
In this video, I am going to explain the positive effects of CLA and healthy places to find it.

-CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a fatty acid that helps burn fat cells in the body.
-CLA is one of the #1 weight loss supplements today.
-There are over 35 clinical medical studies showing that the consumption of CLA promotes fat-burning in the body.

Sources of CLA:
-The best way to consume CLA is in it’s raw food form, rather than supplement form.
1. Raw, Organic, 100% Grass-Fed Dairy
2. Organic, 100% Grass-Fed Meat
3. Raw, Organic, Pasture-Raised/ Grass-Fed Cheese (1 oz daily)

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Get a double dose of fat-burning CLA with this savory Grass-Fed Cheddar Burger: draxe.com/recipe/beyond-organic-powerburgers/

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Source: Burn Fat with CLA

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