Best Fat Burners for Men on a Weight Loss Plan

Some of the best fat burners for men are discussed here. Clinical trials have revealed these to be the best fat burners to aid weight loss alongside a fat burning exercise plan. You can turn your body into a fat burning machine by using a sensible selection of these clinically proven body fat burning supplements into your weight loss plan.

Selection of the Best Fat Burners for Men

You will only enjoy permanent fat loss through a long term shift in your metabolism to one that favours burning fat over storing fat. Fat loss is basically a hormonal and biochemical process that can only happen when your hormonal profiles and metabolism shift to burning fat.

Science and human studies tells us these best fat burners for men do work. Combine a sensible selection of the best fat burning supplements to maximize the success of your weight loss plan.

Xenadrine EFX Fat Burning Pill

In clinical trials, the increase in metabolic activity and caloric expenditure produced by Xenadrine EFX has been significant. For example, in one Xenadrine EFX study, participants lost up to 20 pounds of fat in just 14 days. Scientists believe that Xenadrine EFX is so effective at promoting rapid fat loss because it directly targets a multitude of key metabolic pathways, simultaneously.

Other claimed benefits of Xenadrine EFX are that it greatly enhances mental focus and acuity, increases energy, suppresses appetite and provides valuable antioxidant activity.

Special mention goes to Hydroxycut, Xenadrine’s main competitor. Studies of compounds in Hydroxycut show that it may represent a substantial leap forward as one of the next generation of best fat burners for men.

Essential Fatty Acids one of the Best Fat Burners for Men

The vast majority of studies indicate essential fatty acids (otherwise known as the omega oils 3, 6, and 9) are very effective for burning body fat. Most people who use them report improved fat loss. Aside from a multitude of other health benefits, omega 3 fatty acids block fat storage, increase fat burning and thermogenesis.

Rich in lecithin, which provides the building materials for healthy cell membranes, Essential Fatty Acids also contain medium chain triglycerides used directly by our cells as a source of energy without increasing fat deposition.

Definitely one of the best fat burners for men and all round health products available today. You’re advised to take high potency antioxidant formula to maximize the benefits of taking essential fatty acids.

Green Tea Extract another of the Best Fat Burners for Men

Recent studies show that the fat burning herb, green tea extract, helps to liberate significant amounts of stored body fat as fuel without affecting lean body tissue. Most people see marked fat loss when using green tea in their weight loss program. Green Tea increases resting metabolic rate and thermogenesis. Definitely one of the best fat burner supplements available.

To gain maximum benefit select green tea extract with high antioxidant polyphenol yield with the focus on the most powerful polyphenol, epigallocatchetin gallate (EGCG). Studies show ECGC has 100 times the antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E and has a wide range of health benefits.

Guggul-Phosphate Formula Metabolic Thyrolean

When restricting your calories by dieting, the body responds by lowering your metabolic rate thus reducing the effectiveness of your diet. Studies have shown phosphate supplementation helps to maintain a high resting metabolic rate whilst on a low calorie diet.

However, when guggul lipids and phosphates were combined to form a guggul-phosphate formula the effect was found to be significantly greater. The guggul-phosphate formula, Metabolic Thyrolean is therefore worthy of a place amongst these best fat burners for men.


Tyrosine is an essential building block for the body’s metabolic stimulants. Here’s an amino acid which acts as an appetite suppressant as it’s also a precursor to cholecystokinin, the ‘satiety hormone’, which tells the brain when you’ve eaten enough food.

Tyrosine is also a powerful potentiator of the appetite suppressing effects of ephedrine based supplements (although they’re no longer readily available). Tyrosine helps to maintain a higher metabolic rate on a reduced calorie diet. Probably the cheapest fat burner supplement.

Whey Protein Glycomacropeptide (GMP)

Glycomacropeptide, or GMP, is a protein sub-fraction found in whey protein which simulates substantial release of cholecystokinine (CCK), the ‘satiety hormone’. Cholecystokinine tells the brain when you’ve eaten enough food. The benefit here is that you can eat less and still feel full.

Cholecystokinine plays an important role in regulating food intake, stimulates bowel mobility, regulates gastric emptying and stimulates the release of enzymes from the pancreas. Many report that dieting is much easier when using a whey protein formula.

There are many more fat burning pills that work out there and I wish you luck in your search for the best fat burners for men.

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