African Mango weight loss

African Mango weight loss –

Is it an effective diet?

Usually when the popular celebrity doctor goes on his TV show and says something is great, a great deal of

people listen closely and an awful lot of men and women grab whatever it was he was speaking about. When

“African Mango weight loss ” was called a miracle and a must have in your medicine cabinet for losing weight,

then pretty much overnight it had become the most talked about diet supplement on the market.

What exactly is so special about African Mango weight loss? How effective is this type of diet? African Mango weight loss

Shell out between $35 and $100 for two small bottles of African mango extract and you’ll cut the fat around your waist drastically and reduce your stress levels, marketers claim.

African Mango weight loss,
But Australian nutritionists say the African mango, the latest superfood to hit the weight-loss market, is no different from goji berries, acai, noni and wheatgrass.

African Mango weight loss, They have high price tags, but offer the same amount of nutrients as regular – and cheaper – fruits and vegetables, said Associate Professor Tim Crowe, a nutritionist and dietitian at Deakin University.

“If they were really that good, people like myself would be recommending them for everybody,” he said.

For nutritionist Catherine Saxelby of, exotic fruit such as the African mango have only come to prominence through marketing hype – and usually with little scientific research to back up the claims African Mango weight loss., an independent US company that reviews health and nutrition products, said in a report on the African mango last week the fruits’ benefits had only been reviewed by one research organisation – funded by the fruit’s suppliers and patent holder.

African Mango weight loss, The study was also short-term, and did not include the effects of taking the fruit as a supplement after 10 weeks, reported.

“Little is known about the safety of African mango seed extract as a supplement when used for more than 10 weeks … side effects of African mango seed extract reported in human studies include abdominal gas, difficulty sleeping and headache.”

African Mango weight loss makes sense

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