-120 Pound Weight Loss Transformation Story. Before and After Photos/Videos

My name is Joey Saavedra, I’m 21 years old and this is my story about how my extreme weight loss transformation shattered my life.

Before I started my weight loss journey I had always been fat. I had always been the biggest friend in the group making it easy to be picked on and teased. Whether it was at school or on the football field It was hard to carry the burden of being overweight as a teenager.

Growing up I continued to gain weight as I wanted to go to a good college and possibly into the NFL one day. Through Jr. high and high school I continued on this path which led me to more problems and troubles that made my life even harder.

Girls were never attracted to me and watching all of my friends develop relationships and have girlfriends while I was stuck at home playing videos games.

In this video I talk about the things that I noticed before and after I lost 120 pounds in a year and how that opened my eyes to the world and everyone around me.

It wasn’t easy growing up fat but now I have my story to share to the world to inspire and motivate others just like me who want a new chance at life. A much better life.

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