10 Famous Men Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable

10 Celebs who’s weight loss journey will inspire you!
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We like to think we would recognize our favorite celebs no matter what, but you might be surprised. Dropping some weight is an excellent disguise, and some of our favorite stars are now pretty unrecognizable because of it. Drew Carey says that having a show named after him was great, but also stressful, causing him to pack on weight. Now, he looks like a totally different person after losing it. EJ Johnson might be a rich kid, but he put in the work to improve his body, and it shows. Jimmy Kimmel certainly looks different after losing the weight, but you might not approve of the drastic method he’s used. If you heard that Melissa McCarthy’s show got cancelled due to her weight loss, don’t worry. We’ll address that rumor, and talk about how she managed to get down to a much healthier weight. Shonda Rhimes has noticed a lot of positive things about losing weight, but there have also been some serious drawbacks.
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