Vitamin Supplements Are Good or Bad ? Multivitamins लेना सही या गलत ? By Dr. Biswaroop Roy

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Vitamin Supplements Are Good or Bad ? Multivitamins लेना सही या गलत ? By Dr. Biswaroop Roy

In this Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury ji has explained scientifically that should we take Vitamin Supplements or not. The multivitamins are really beneficial for our health or for any health problems ? Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury ji has taken so many scientific reason and scientific experiments to explain us that it is not beneficial and good for our health to take any kind of vitamin Supplements. Now a days the trends is that to take Multivitamins for keeping sound health, but ultimately these vitamin supplements are not working agents for our health and our diseases. There are so many scientific researches have been proved that the vitamins inside the vegetables and fruits are very crucial and important to maintain our health and keep away from the chronic diseases, but when these vitamins are extracted to make any multivitamins or any kind of vitamin supplements then these all acts as a harmful agents for our health. These all researches are conducted by renowned medical journal and prestigious medical colleges and published on very reliable journals like Nature, JAMA, Science etc.
Thus we all have to respect the Science and stop today to take Vitamin Supplements or Multivitamins for update your health condition and never take these vitamin supplements or multivitamins to reverse chronic diseases because this all have negative impacts on your health as well as on your diseases.
If you want real benefits from the vitamins you must prefer the natural Vegetables and natural fruits which contain natural Vitamins and Multivitamins in balanced ratio which are so powerful and so beneficial for our sound health. Thats why only natural can protect us from such a health disasters present in todays life Style.
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