What is The Liposomal Vitamin C Dosage? by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

The benefits of Vitamin C and what is the liposomal Vitamin C dosage?

Liposomal vitamin C is the most effective way to deliver Vitamin C into your cells. Liposomes are a revolution in medicine and nutritional delivery. Hands down liposomes beat oral supplements and intravenous infusion.

The cell wall is made of a lipid (fat). Both oral vitamin C and IV vitamin C are carried in the blood which is aqueous (water based). Water does not pass through lipids well but liposomal Vitamin C consists of lipid balls with Vitamin C hidden inside so they can pass easily through the cell (lipid) walls to deliver their pay load.

One of the most important things to consider when using Vitamin C as a vitamin supplement or a therapeutic tool is: Are you receiving a sufficient dose to get the therapeutic effect?

The truth is that most people do not get enough vitamin C.

Why you may you not be getting enough Vitamin C

– Your diet is really poor and the food you eat is old and now something that only used to be fresh food.

– You are stressed and living a life that makes you tired with a lowered immune system, so your body is using all the Vitamin C so you don’t collapse

– You are sick, your gut is overrun with unwanted bacteria

– Your immune system is collapsing

– Your skin, bones, liver and every other organ is living on borrowed time.

– You are just not absorbing enough Vitamin C to make the repairs happen in your body and your body is suffering from severe oxidative stress.

If you take Vitamin C as an oral supplement, you are only able to take maybe 3 or 4 gms after which you begin to experience loose stools. From that 4 gms most of it will pass through your gut so your cells may only get perhaps less than 1 gm.

Receiving Vitamin C a via IV infusion is generally very expensive as a doctor or nurse needs to facilitate the infusion. Therapeutic doses may be anything from 25 to 100 gms intravenously. Add to that the transport cost and time off work and you may be looking at nearly $1000 per infusion when you add up all the costs.

In addition, it might not be something that you are able to do every day which, if you are quite ill, you may need to do if you have chosen Vitamin C as a therapeutic tool.

Very high doses of Vitamin C are being taken by people who are experiencing cancer, liver malfunction, skin disorders and immune overwhelm by mysterious bacteria and viruses.

Gram for gram the delivery of liposomal Vitamin C into your cells far surpasses every other form of delivery.

With liposomal Vitamin C you are able to deliver around 12 gms in liposomes per day which is equivalent to around 100 gms
delivered intravenously. With those high levels of Vitamin C being delivered into your cells, your body can begin to repair and renew.

There is also the added benefit that you can self-administer large doses of Vitamin C daily at home for a low cost. Add to this you are able to manufacture your own liposomal Vitamin C at home which brings the cost down even further and allows you to access the incredible healing effects of Vitamin C.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, clinical hypnotherapist, naturopath and nutritionist.

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Source: What is The Liposomal Vitamin C Dosage? by Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND

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